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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walking in Memphis

I went to PD clinic today and everything went great. My lab draws went smoothly. No collapsing, rolling or bursting veins today. I am just so pleased with my Memphis clinic. I think being a part of a Fresenius clinic is the BEST decision I have made with regards to dialysis. And my nephrologist is so engaging and attentive. I have never met a doctor.....especially a specialist, who takes their time and is so patient. My doctor is amazing and I strongly encourage any patient with a chronic illness to find a doctor with these characteristics. There are so many docs out there but everyone deserves to be treated the way I am treated by this doctor. It really means a lot. The entire staff of nurses, dietitian and social worker are so helpful and professional. I feel so safe and in good hands. I feel truly blessed to have found a dialysis clinic with such high standards. So thank you East Memphis Fresenius!!!

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