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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great News!!!!!!

I just got a phone call from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. They had their pre-transplant board meeting to discuss my case and they have decided I am a good candidate for a transplant!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. In the past, this is where I am usually told no. But not this time. I am officially approved for transplant!

The down side to this is, unfortunately, my brother, mom and dad cannot be donors. This stinks because my brother is a perfect match. They are afraid that the blood disorder I have, which is genetic, could cause a problem in one of them. I wouldn't want to take one of their kidneys with a chance something could go wrong with them. However, they are still considering secondary relatives such as aunts, uncle, cousins....etc. They would PREFER to use a kidney from a living non relative and I am not a candiate for the donor (nonliving) list. I am not going to stress about it though. God has gotten me this far...a kidney will show up!

Dr. Thomas is also in the process of writing a letter to my insurance company. You see the drug I need (for a lifetime) to keep my HUS in remission costs a pretty penny. $300,000.00/year to be exact. But I have faith that this will work out too! I am just so relieved to here the words, "You were approved for a transplant!!!!" Music to my ears!!!!!


  1. Tell them you want "You were approved for a transplant!!!!" In writing so you can FRAME it!!

  2. Jill you dont need to post this as comment but I found this living donor list site.. It is in Wisconsin. remember I joked is there a living list..I guess there is.


  3. Thank you for researching that living donor list! You never know who it might help out...thats why I posted it. There are many kidney patients who read this blog!

  4. I am so glad you got the okay for transplant!!I had to go back to Jonesboro... I guess the timing was off fo r me or something... I got pancreatitis and ended up at sbrmc for over 2 weekw then I got peritonitis again and then I fell and knocked a whoe in the back of my head literalllly... and had to go back to hopital... no ambulance would take me to anywhere but
    blytheville or SBRMc.... so I was stuck...I really got upset. and now guiess what they are doing PET test on all PD pts. even though they say that nowhere does medicare require it...go figure; talk later... hugs, Janice