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Friday, April 2, 2010


I have made a conscious habit of not naming names in this blog to keep the privacy of those I am writing about. Many of them have read it and the nasty emails I have received, have proven to me that they are able to identify themselves in my writings and hopefully, will make some changes to the way they practice medicine. In keeping with the no names policy, I do have one fabulous doctor to write about. He is a TRUE GEM.....in every sense of the word. He is my PCP who I think is the smartest doctor in this town! Not only is he intelligent, but he is very kind, patient and the type of doctor who looks for the positive in bad situations. When I leave his office, I feel better just from talking with him. He has the spirit of the doctors in STL and MAYO....so I think he could do way better than this town, but God knows I don't want him going anywhere.

I had to see my fabulous PCP this week because I have been sick. I had flu like symptoms earlier in the week with vomiting, fever and chills. By the middle of the week, I started having extremely low blood pressure readings. For example, 66/50, 62/51......I couldn't even stand up. The stomach bug/flu whatever I had is gone. It had to run it's course. As for my blood pressure, my doctor thinks we should cut back on my BP meds. We even talked about the possibility that someday, I might not need any BP meds! Can you believe that? I don't have functioning kidneys and I might not need BP meds someday. That will be a huge victory for me in the battle of kidney failure.

So, to anyone who thinks I don't like doctors in this town, then this post should prove you wrong. I am so blessed that I have this PCP. And just like his name, he is the most value among all others!


  1. You may not name names but they know who they are for sure. And if they email you nasty emails then they are just proving you more right!

  2. MrsRobbieD,
    Those were my thoughts exactly. Pretty sad they didnt take care of me when I was under their care, but now they send my nasty emails. I wish I could post all of them just to show what kind of people I was dealing with! Very unfortunate for the sick people of Jonesboro!

  3. Are you talking about nasty e-mails or comments? How did they get your e-amil address? C'mon...if it's comments..post them...we want to see the other side of the story!

  4. I have posted all of their comments they made here on the blog and I will continue to post their comments....just like yours. They also sent me messages thru facebook. The only reason I havent copied and pasted the facebook messages is because their names are on it.

  5. Aahhh...I haven't seen any nasty comments on here. That's why I was wondering. Probably not a good idea to be friends with your Drs and nurses on FB anyway.

  6. Squirrelygirl,
    You must be one of them. And I was never friends with my doctor, on facebook or the real world. The nurses were on my facebook but they have been defriended....but I am sure you already knew that.

  7. Oh and squirrelygirl,
    You don't have to be friends with someone on facebook to send them a message....surprised you didn't know that!