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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A change is coming

Not exactly the change I am praying for but it's a change. At the end of this month I have to get a new dialysis machine (cycler). I've known for awhile that this change would be coming and I have been dreading it and putting it off. Currently I use a Baxter brand dialysis machine. I have had it now for 18 months...so it's a part of me! It dialyzes well, alarms very little and I am comfortable with it. But the new Fresenius clinic I go to (been there a year) is losing their contract with Baxter and Fresenius now makes their own machine...so I have to switch. The Fresenius team tells me the transition will go smooth but I know my body and how sensitive it is to change these days. I received a letter from Baxter telling me I have the right as a patient to stay with Baxter, that Fresenius cannot make me change machines. But over the two years of dialysis I have learned to pick my battles. And at the end of the day I would rather keep my doctor and team of nurses rather than switch to a different facility to keep my Baxter machine. I could never find a team of professionals like the one I have now with Fresenius, so it is worth it to me to just start using their machine. So, new machine I will meet you at the end of the month and pray we have as good of a relationship as my Baxter machine and I have. I trust my nurses and doctor and know they will help me get adjusted. And maybe...just maybe... I will only have this new machine for a brief period. Maybe that kidney will come soon!

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