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Countdown to Kidneys Being Included.......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just found out today that the drug I need Soliris has been approved for my use!!!!!!! This is huge! I am so grateful for a God who has cleared the path and making it possible for me to get a transplant. Two years ago, this wasn't even an option. And now He has given me the gift of a donor and the drug!! I feel like I am on top of the world right now!!!! I am seriously considering having this approval letter framed. I am deeply thankful for the company my husband works for. They have shown compassion and an appreciation for quality of life and I will forever be grateful. Once Lindsey's beautiful kidney is working in me I promise to do great things in my life. I feel like this is a rebirth or second chance at life kind of opportunity and I want it to count for something big. I don't know what plans God has ahead of me, but I pray that I make everyone who has been involved with making this transplant possible, proud.

Soon I am going to be able to drink any amount of fluid, eat foods I haven't had in 2years, quit taking phosphorus binders, quit epogen shots, START peeing in a toilet, stop puking everyday, have energy, have this tube removed from my stomach, go to bed at whatever time I want and STOP DIALYSIS!!!!!!!! I feel like the whole world has been handed over to me!


  1. You will do great things: continue being who you are: A special gift from God to your husband, daughter, friends, and the rest of your family!!
    You are already doing much more than you can even imagine.
    i love you.