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Monday, February 28, 2011

Have Patience Patient!

I am so excited to have this transplant. I cannot put into words how excited I am. I am so amazed by our God, who has had this master plan. Of course, we all hear it has to be in God's time....He has a plan for you. But it is astonishing to sit back and watch the plan unfold and start to make since. He has been working out my kidney problems long before I knew I had kidney problems. I am convinced that the reason Lindsey and I worked together at that flower shop (Petal Pushers) was all a part of his master plan for me. It is incredible. I think too, Chris has a big part in helping me get the transplant. If he didn't work for such a phenomenal company as Nucor Yamato Steel, I couldn't afford the drug Soliris and my transplant would not be possible. God new the day I married Chris that someday I would need a kidney and his place of employment would play a part in that. I am so thankful that Nucor values not only their employees, but their employees family. You can tell that they are about family! SO for the next few months or possibly weeks, I am just going to sit back and watch God work this miracle out. He has been in control the entire time and He knows what He is doing.

Lindsey should be a great example to all of us. Not just because she is sacrificing a kidney and giving it to me so that my life can be better....but we never know who is going to impact our lives and to what extent. The lady behind the counter at the gas station or the person five pews back in church just might save your life one day. What if I had been mean to Lindsey when we were younger? I might not be sitting here typing how excited I am to be getting one of her kidneys. Knowing Lindsey and her heart...she would probably give me the kidney anyway! She is just an above and beyond, top notch kinda girl. Whom I have had the privilege of knowing. But you never know why God has you meet the people you meet. It's got to be all a part of his master plan for all of us.

Lindsey and I have to go to Iowa soon for her final evaluation and last minute stuff for me before the transplant can happen. I am so looking forward to our ROAD TRIP!!! After being in the car with me for 8-10 hours she might be sick of me!!! I am looking forward to girl time and hanging out. So now I wait, patiently. I am waiting with patience to not be a patient anymore!

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