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Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting a Bit Ridiculous

So I have been on this new Frecenius machine for 2 weeks now. They have all been malfunctioning in one way or another. Machine #3 was delivered at the house today and Chris just began to set it up for tonight's treatment. And it wouldn't even come on! It has a touch screen that is not working, therefore I cannot do my dialysis tonight. So as you guessed, Frecenius machine #4 will be at my door tomorrow. Before I start bashing the hell out of this machine (that is supposedly so much better than Baxter machine)let me remind you all how much I LOVE my doctor, nurses and support staff at the Frecenius clinic. They have nothing to do with these ridiculous machines! Baxter is by far a better choice for home peritoneal patients. I had the same Baxter machine for 18 months without any problems! This is just complete craziness. I don't know what else to say about this. The only reason I had to switch from Baxter to Frecenius is money. And that makes me really sad. Frecenius thought they could make a machine comparable to the Baxter unit and so far 3/3 chances have failed miserably. Freceniud is making a killing, monetarily speaking, by making all of their patients be forced to switch from Baxter to Frecenius. I would give anything to be able to stay at my clinic and have Baxter again. But I must choose my battles wisely and at this point, my PD nurses are a greater assest to me. Maybe tomorrow when machine #4 arrives it will actually do its job. All of this chaos is making me really antsy and ready for this transplant to take place. This is just a temporary issue. Please God let the next Frecenius machine work!!! But thank yo Lord for the good PD nurses who are helping me though this difficult transition!
Luv you Sharon!!!!

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