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Sunday, May 15, 2011

39 days and counting

39 days feels like an eternity. The days seem longer than usual. I guess when you are waiting for something this big, time can seem like it is standing still. I am so ready for June 23! That day cannot get here soon enough. I am not nervous yet but I suspect I will be as the day draws near. Iowa has started working on my schedule of events. I have to get a permacath placed (I think in my subclavian, maybe jugular...not sure). This will be my access for plasmapheresis and Soliris treatments while in the hospital. Typically this cath is used for hemodialysis but I will still be doing peritoneal dialysis leading up to the transplant. SO many cathedars!!!! I am praying the pheresis treatments do not make me sick. Iowa is doing them on an outpatient basis but my history with pheresis is not a good one. Usually makes me very sick. Maybe since my HUS is not active the treatments will go uneventful. I will be very excited when Lindsey arrives. She will be getting there the day before the surgery.

The kidney walk is just around the corner. Only a couple more weeks left. I ordered the t shirts Friday, so I think everything is ready for that. I don’t think I will hit my $10,000.00 goal but I am a little over 7K so I am pretty pleased with my fundraising this year.

I also want to say thank you again to all of the families who are helping me out with Madeline and our crew of pets. Without your help, this would be so much harder and expensive! All the animals are going to different homes but I think everyone will be okay. July will be like a big reunion for us all. Thank you again to the families keeping Madeline. I know she will be in good hands and having fun. The main goal for her is to NOT worry about me. I just want her to enjoy her sleepovers and have a blast. And then I will return home, better than ever!!!

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