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Saturday, May 28, 2011

To Bucket List or Not

I saw the movie Bucket List and it got me to thinking, maybe I should have been working on one of those. Now, I don't think I am about to kick the bucket but aren't we all at some point? I am so confused with all kinds of emotions right now. I leave for Iowa in 3 weeks so I am trying to make the most of my time here with Madeline. Oh, how I will miss her for a month! We are making a list of fun things we can do around here to keep me busy from worrying and her just to make some fun memories! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. My facebook friends gave me a lot of great ideas.

I cannot tell you how ready I am to close this chapter in my life and start over. I have been sick my child’s entire life. I have never really been able to enjoy life with her or with my husband for that matter. I was sick before kidney failure....I just didn't know how bad it would turn out. Now I am full of excitement and a tad bit nervous and apprehensive. But I know I am in the countries best surgical hands and they are going to fix me back.

There are so many things I want to do after the transplant. For one, I want to take Madeline to the beach. She has been once but now she is older and would have more fun. Also, a trip to Disney World will definitely be in our future. Once I get back to working a regular and steady schedule we ARE GOING TO GET AN INGROUND SWIMMING POOL!!!! Those so far are the main things on my bucket list. I would also like to take a trip with Chris. We haven't been on a real vacation that didn’t involve hospitals, doctors or dialysis since our honeymoon! I intend on getting back to being an OT fulltime and continuing my advocacy for dialysis patients rights. I want to have a more active role in the National Kidney Foundation. Oh, and I am going to attend every concert that comes my way!

So, I guess I do have a bucket list. Not one that I can accomplish before transplant but some things to work one post transplant. And I want to live each day with as much joy as possible. I will hopefully inspire others who are in dreadful situations and be an example that things have a way of working themselves out. Lindsey is such an inspiration and I want to spend my second life honoring her kidney that she is donating to me!

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