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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storms and Dialysis don't mix

The title says it all. I so look forward to the day that my life doesn't depend on a life supporting machine. When the storms flair up and things get hairy here, it is a little more than an inconvenience if the electricity goes out. My life depends on my dialysis machine and my machine requires electricity. It is such small details like that, that I won't have to stress about anymore. Nobody likes to be without power. But you really start sweating bullets when you are dialyzing and the lights flicker! The storms have been worrisome all day and hopefully I have a calm, uneventful night.

One the bright side, for anyone who lives in my neighborhood, I am on a priority list with CWL since I have a life supporting machine. So I am on the list to get my power back first, if it goes out....so there is a perk to kidney failure....LOL! It is a perk that I will gladly give up! Sorry neighbors. Come June, we will just have to exercise patience like everyone else. I will be normal again!!!!! xoxo

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