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Countdown to Kidneys Being Included.......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Month is Finally Here

I cannot believe it! June has arrived and in 22 days I will have a healthy, functioning kidney! This has got to be the most exciting thing in my life....besides the birth of my child! I am so ready for June 23 to get here. I am like a kid waiting on Christmas. In less than two weeks, the process will begin. I have to do several rounds of plasmapheresis and Soliris treatments to get my body ready for the kidney. I pray those treatments go well. Plasmapheresis and I do not have a good history but maybe things will be different this time around. I will be so excited to see Lindsey in Iowa. To her, I am forever grateful! Please keep Lindsey's family and my family in your prayers over the next few weeks and months. I know I have lots of prayer warriors out there and I am really counting on you!

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  1. hi! i am a nephrology nurse and just started my blog about the kidneys. I am so excited for your transplant. I will be praying for you. Good luck!