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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15,2011

Today at 7 am we were at the hospital waiting to get a cathedar placed in my neck/upper chest area. Surgery didn't start on time due to a staff meeting. Finally at 8:30 they took me back. My surgeon was only 27 years old! I thought doctors were suppose to be older than their patients??? Guess this is a sign that I am getting older! Anyway, the cathedar was placed in my internal jugular vein. I am very sore and it hurts on my right side. I feel like I've been hit by a truck....but it is only temporary pain. I had a ton of labs drawn today but they can use this cathedar to get them so no more sticks!!! Tomorrow I have plasmaphersis at 10am. That should last 2-3 hours and then at 1:30 I have my first soliris treatment. And then more labs...Will try to update how tomorrow goes. Thanks for all the prayers! Keep praying please!!! xoxo


  1. Was he cute?? At 27, he better be cute and real good!!

  2. My prayers are with you! I will be watching for updates, but you concentrate on taking care of yourself!