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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update June 29, 2011

I am either going to have to figure out a way to change the name of this blog........or start a new one with my new life!
Today might bring changes. Doctors were talking yesterday of possible discarge from hospital. I still won't be free to go to Arkansas but I can at least get out and enjoy Iowa...which is a beautiful place. I think this part of Iowa is one of the U.S.'s best kept secrets.
Why amm I nervous to leave hospital? I still have a foley cath placed. My bladder hasn't had to work in two and a half years so it needs time to catch up and remember what to do. I also have a drain coming out of my side to drain off fluidand lyphmphatics from my abdomen. Both of these tubes are really uncomfortable and I would like to see them gone asap, but I want my bladder and abdomen ready too. Also, my hemoglobin is on the low side. It might just be from the surgery but I would like to see this number climb. So far it is holding steady. I might have a small amount of hemolysis go on as well. Ths is not a good sign but it could also be from the surgery itself. I would just like answers before I leave the safety net of the hospital, doctors and nurses! On the bright side, my creatinine is 0.8. When I entered the hospital it was like 11?? This is just proof at how awesome Lindsey's kidney is. My blood pressure is running slightly high but we think with time it will level off to a regular and normal number. All I can compare this to is having to leave the hospital with your newborn for the first time. I want to protect this new kidney and will at all costs. It is so precious to me and I have been so blessed to recieve it. This whole experience has been amazing and def a God thing. I got a healthy functioning kindey and two new sisters out of the deal! Lindsey and Heather have been wonderful to me. I am adjusting to the antirejection meds pretty well. The first day of the steriod was a doosy. I thought I was losing my mind, but high levels of steroids will do that to ya. I got a massize 500 mg dose in the operating room. Everyday they are slowly decreasing the amount of steriods in my body. I am also on anti viral, antibiotics and anti fungals because I am now more suseptible to germs while I am immune compromised. I have made many new friends with the nursing staff here. They have all taken such good care of me. I couldn't ask for better nurses. These nurses are def the creme of the crop! Dr. Alan Reed was my transplant surgeon who, guided by God, performed this miracle inside my body. Dr. Thomas has been dealing with the aHUS end of the issue and doing the soliris treatments and plasmapheresis. I do have another soliris treatment today, so lots to do before d/c. I am so thrilled to be this far in the recovery process. I can walk with minimal pain. I do have a 10 pound limit on what I can pick up and hold. So it will be a while before I can pick up my sweet Madeline, who by the way is coming to visit me Friday! I haven't seen my baby in 3 weeks!!!! I am ready to get back to Arkansas and start living this wonderfully healthy life. I promised Madeline I would get well before Kindergarten and I am so glad I was able to make good on that promise. Oh and food, my appetite isn't too crazy from the steriods. I like to eat anyway, but for the first time in 3 years, I can eat pretty much whatever I want and drink way more than 32oz of liquid a day!!!!!!

Life is def moving on up and I have Lindsey Rouse and her supportive friends and family to thank for it. Lindsey, I hope to honor you by the way I live my life. I want to be a witness to others and plan on paying it forward. You are an angel and a hero. And I know you were just doing what God wanted you to do, but it still takes an AMAZING person to listen and actually follow God's will. I love having you as a sister and will forver cherish our relationship! xoxo

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