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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not much to Update

This is the week! WooHoo! Excitement is lingering in the air. I am not really nervous. I have the ultimate faith in our God, who already has my life planned out. He is in total control. He has lined everything up for me for this to happen. It is crazy to go back in the past and think about how decisions I made years ago have played a huge role in this whole chapter of my life. But that is how God works. He has our story from start to finish all mapped out. I just have to stay on course. I also have some of the best transplant surgeons and nephrologists in the country working on me and Lindsey. So I am not afraid. I am a little nervous to wake up in pain and have to deal with recovery but that will be short lived and a very small price to pay for the freedom and life I am getting. I can't wait for Lindsey to get here. I am ready to spend a little time with her before the BIG day. I am also a little homesick. I miss my baby and fur babies but they are all in good hands! Thank God for good friends and family! Tomorrow is my last easy day. I just have to go to the hospital to get my catheter flushed. Then we are free until Tuesday when things get crazy busy again with treatments.

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