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Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Foreign Tubes In My Body

YAY!!!! All foreign tubes, caths and stents have been removed from my body. Yesterday (7-6-11) I had the stent in my bladder removed and the drain in my side is out! It feels really nice to not have any tubes coming out of my body. I look like a normal person again! 3 years of having some weird tube or cath coming out of me is finally over! Having the stent out didn't hurt although it wasa embarrassing and looked like it should have hurt. And oddly the drain did not hurt coming out either. My nurse in the infusion center was also able to access my portacath yesterday too. I have a special cream I rub on it 30 minutes before Soliris, and it numbs it. I felt the needle prick my skin but it didn't hurt. I am glad to know that it works. I will be getting Soliris at home every two weeks.

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