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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Front Page News

I have only been in the paper a hand full of times in my life, but never the front page. I was really excited to hear that the Jonesboro Sun was wanting to do a story on my upcoming transplant and kidney walk. It gave me the perfect opportunity to say thank you publicly to my incredible donor. I will always feel like I need to say thank you one more time. I mean, how can I ever feel like I have said it enough??? This gift she is giving me is so priceless and special. She is one of God's fine pieces of work. There needs to be more Lindsey Rouses in the world. If we all were a Lindsey or knew a Lindsey, we would be better off! So thank you Karen at Jonesboro Sun for being interested in my story and allowing me to use that platform to say thank you to such a deserving person!!!!

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