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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I want it to be a PARTY!!!!!!

I haven't talked to Lindsey about this but I want the transplant experience to be a party. I don't want anyone worrying....just praying all goes well for both of us. Anyone that knows me well, knows I like a crowd. The more the merrier. I like to cram as many people in my hospital room as possible. Lindsey may be totally opposite. She might want to rest in private.....I need to find out her wishes. But if it were up to me, we would just have a big party there in Iowa!!!!! I think because I love people and I feed off their energy, it calms my nerves when something big is happening. I can't explain it because I don't consider myself "the life of the party"....that's usually my husband! But I love people and want them all around me. I feel the safest in the hospital when there are large groups of people praying around me. Maybe I am selfish? I don't know? I just enjoy the energy a crowd brings. Too bad I will be 8-10 hours from home. There probably won't be a large crowd of friends and family, since I will be so far away. But I definitely won't be alone. I will have Lindsey, Chris, Erick and hopefully Alyssa. My parents are going to try to make the trip too. And of course I will need the comic relief of little bro, if he and Kasey can be there. Also my cheerleader Aunt Susie needs to be there! It's going to be so miraculous, I want as many of my peeps there to witness it as possible. Even if friends and family can't be there, with ahus, I will have plenty of docs keeping me busy and company.

And to my heroes who will be at home. Those that will be taking care of my most precious possession of all, Madeline. You know who you are. I will never be able to thank you enough. You are some of the unspoken heroes of my tragedy. Picking her up from school now when I am sick on a whelm. And keeping her while I am at transplant! We have awesome friends and family!!!!!! Madeline is not stressed at all about mommy getting a transplant. She is just looking forward to all of her sleepovers she will be having. And that is exactly how I wanted it. I don't want my precious baby worrying. I will be in great hands!

So, I hope its a party for all involved. I pray Lindsey has a super fast recovery, Chris and Erick stay calm and cool....as they are, I have a successful transplant (no doubt in my mind) and my friends and family all celebrate this wonderful work of God!!!! I want it to be a party!!!!!!

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