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Friday, March 25, 2011

Iowa Update

The trip went really good! I have found a new road trip buddy and shopping buddy! Lindsey and I had a really great trip...considering everything she had to go through. She had to go through rigorous evaluations from the transplant surgeon, psychiatrist, general medical doctor, EKG, Cat scan, x rays and labs. And I am sure I am leaving something out. They said we might not make it through the entire day of testing, but we/she did! So that is a very good sign. We also know her labs were all normal/perfect.....like her! It is so interesting to watch a doctors appointment go so fast because there is nothing wrong with the patient. I was really impressed. She had no problem giving labs, me on the other hand, it took 5 sticks to get my labs. That's just typical with my veins. Lindsey was my rock and strength through the entire eval process. We would leave a room and I would ask her, " what do you think?' and she remained steadfast and confident that she will be my donor! I have never met anyone like her! She is a smart and self assured woman. She knows what she wants! I admire her bravery so much! And she reads a map pretty darn good too!

Anyway, Iowa will have a transplant committee meeting Monday at 8am and make their decision whether or not I will get a kidney from Lindsey. They will then call her with the news. She then will call me with the news. We are praying of course, to hear yes the transplant is a go. Also, I am praying it will happen on May 5th. This day has special meaning to my family and I would really like to honor that day with the beginning of my new life. It all depends on Dr.Reed's schedule. He is the head of transplant surgery and will be performing my end of the transplant, so we have to work with his schedule too! Can't wait to update everyone Monday! Pray for a favorable decision!!!!!

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