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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Made it to 31!

I am officially in my 30's! Pre Kidney failure Jill might have had a hard time with turning 31 but this Jill is just happy to see another birthday. This birthday year will be extra special because I will get my best gift of all from Lindsey in a month or so. This will be the last birthday I spend on dialysis. Next year on my birthday I might actually get to eat cake and ice cream and stay up past 8 o'clock. It is a good feeling knowing this is the last birthday I will spend on dialysis and all the things that go along with renal failure. Lindsey is giving me the gift of many more birthdays. As I have said many times before and will again in the future, she is my angel. Giving me the ultimate gift! Would have been awesome if I could have had my transplant today but it gives me something to look forward to! So, on this last birthday on dialysis, I might go eat sushi.....since I will never be able to eat that again Post Transplant! Happy Birthday to me!

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