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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back home and life sucks again

Back home and life does suck. As much progress as I had made in the past few months, I was back at square one. Only this time in addition to vomiting, dialysis and other side effects, I was on an anti seizure med for precautions. And I was on this med because my home nephrologist dropped the ball. This drug was horrible. It caused bad memory loss. Complete chunks of time are gone, like a lost file on a computer. And when you have a seizure, you can't drive yourself. So now my family and friends had to drive me everywhere I went. I felt pathetic. I started back to work (4 hours/week) sometime in August 2009 and my mom would drive from her house, an hour away, to take me to work for two hours and then take me back home. She knew how important my job was to me and was doing it for my sanity. But the thing that makes me so mad, is those seizures were preventable. I have had second opinions about these seizures and other health care professionals say those seizures were avoidable. I had received negligent care.

We kept moving forward though. I soon was trained on my night cycler peritoneal dialysis machine. When you are on home dialysis you better have an extra room in your house. The amount of supplies it takes is unreal. A delivery truck brings all of your supplies to your house once a month. They come every month. The boxes are full of solutions that I use for dialysis. 1 box measures 12"x12"x18" and weighs approximately 11-12 pounds a box. And on delivery day, I will get anywhere from 20-40 boxes, depending on the order. So my wash room is now also a PD storage room. The nice part is, the delivery men bring the boxes in for me and stack them according to Chris' system of organization.

On my very first month to have my supplies delivered, I wasn't home from picking Madeline up from school (with my mom driving me). We came home and the delivery guy had left 30 something boxes in our DRIVEWAY! I had a very angry husband that night.

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