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Thursday, March 11, 2010

That's Not my Daughter!

I have no memory of this whatsoever. For all I know, my family is making this up for giggles...just kidding everyone. Apparently once we make it to Barnes at some point I "woke up" and thought I was still at the old hospital. I was confused, disoriented and cursing out of my mind! It is so embarrassing to tell the story but I am keeping it real. I cursed my mom, the nurses, the doctors, Chris, my brother.....anyone who was with me. And really bad words too! My mom went to the ICU nurse and said, "That's not my daughter in there. She doesn't act like that!" The ICU nurse told her patients do that a lot while in ICU and won't have any memory of it. The poor nurse acted like my verbal abuse was no big deal.

One night in ICU, I decided I wanted a hamburger. I told Matt to go get me one. He said he would ask the doctor. Apparently the doctor said no but I kept hounding and begging Matt for a hamburger. At some point Matt went to get the doctor so the doctor could tell me no and somehow I convinced the doctor to let me have a burger. So little brother Matt goes out to get me a burger. I am told he brought it back, I ate it and within minutes, was puking ALL over the room. Needless to say, I don't think I had anything else in ICU.

My family now laughs about that ICU stay. It definitely wasn't funny at the time, but now everyone just laughs about my behavior while on the unit. My only regret is, I cursed out the wrong hospital.

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