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Friday, March 5, 2010

Headed to Barnes Jewish Hospital in STL Jan 09

This was a scary road trip. We rushed home after being discharged from the previous hospital, gathered a few things, made arrangements for our two dogs, Gracie and Gabbie, to be taken care of by our wonderful neighbors, the Fryes and headed first to Blytheville to drop Madeline off with my mom and dad. I made the decision that I wanted Chris and my aunt Susie to go with me to STL and Madeline would be taken care of by my parents. It was so hard leaving Madeline behind. She had only spent the night away from me one other time in her life! I do not like being away from my baby girl! My mom wanted to be with me in STL, it was hard for her to not be with me while I was sick because even though I was 28 ,I am her baby girl. But I needed her to take care of Mad. I knew Chris and Susie would take good care of me. SO after crying and good byes, we headed north to Barnes. This was a miserable ride but it seemed to fly by. Probably because I sat in the back of our SUV with Susie and she literally rubbed my swollen legs and feet the entire trip. It was a 3 hour trip but I don't remember any conversation, only massages! And oddly enough, I don't remember being afraid.....which is completely out of character for me. Sometime in the night we arrived at Barnes.

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