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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Room

Pretty much the entire month of January of 2009 was spent at Barnes Jewish. After the first round of bad roommates, I had my private room for the rest of my stay. So I was in this private room roughly 3 weeks. I don't remember a lot about the room because I was unconscious on pain meds the majority of the time. It was very strange though. I am always cold.....can never get warm. And for whatever reason I would have that room as cold as an ice box. My aunt Susie always describes me laying on the bed with a cold ice pack on my head, a lightweight blanket on top of me and the air as cold as I could get it. All with it snowing outside! My family members would stay curled up in a ball in the chairs in the room trying to get warm. I remember on day Susie saying my lips were blue. But this was how I would keep that room for the length of my stay. It was all to try to keep me comfortable. There were times when Susie was there, she would be at the foot of my bed rubbing my feet and Chris would be at my head trying to calm me down or make the headache go away. When Mama and Daddy came up, Mama would be in the hospital bed with me rubbing my back or head and Daddy would rub my feet. They were trying anything to keep me comfortable. It seemed like every thirty minutes I was calling for pain meds. I really felt close to death. At times, I was so sick I didn't even realize I was sick. I think God does that to protect us.

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