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Countdown to Kidneys Being Included.......

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dreaded Big D is around the corner.....

You need a little back story before we begin dialysis. My aunt Susie I talk so much about is a dialysis nurse. Later in my story this becomes a very important factor because I do not believe it was a coincidence that of all of the disease processes I could have gotten, I got one that involved kidney failure. And I don't believe it is coincidence that of all of the nursing fields she could have gone into, she picked dialysis. That's not coincidence at all, that's God!!!!

As a little girl I had OCD bad. So bad, that I could not even go up to Susie's dialysis unit. I was a HUGE germaphobe! Sometimes my mom and I would be out and she would have to stop by Susie's dialysis unit for something. ONE time I went inside and the place freaked me out so much seeing the blood, machines, sick people, needles, etc.......I thought that the placed was what Hell would be like. It is odd to me looking back now on that experience. Because my first real life experience with dialysis would not be much different. I guess that experience as a little girl set the stage for something in my future, which would mean facing the biggest fear of my life!

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