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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentine's Day 2009

While most couples are spending this special day together, my sweetie took me to the ER at our local hospital. It was a Saturday and I had been to hemo. If my memory is correct, my blood pressure was really high, but they let me leave the clinic. Going home, I became very confused and unresponsive to Chris. He got me home and inside the house and to bed. By this point, I was very disoriented and couldn't speak. He ran Madeline over to the neighbors house and carried me out side to the car. Off to the ER. I don't have a lot of memory after that but I remember waking up in the ER and I was in a very agitated state. Nurses were having a hard time starting an IV....partly because I wouldn't let them touch me. I have just had really bad luck here with IV's and this ER visit would prove to be the same. I think I was a pretty difficult patient in the ER that night. Seems like I was transferred to a room and was there for a day or two. The doctors here never figured out what caused the symptoms. The dialysis unit treated it like it was no big deal, but that is how they treat most things here in town.

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