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Monday, March 8, 2010

Perma Cath Placement

I do not remember if this perma cath I had on the right side of my neck was placed before or after plasmapheresis treatments. But it was definetly placed before dialysis began. I remember the day of surgery when they came to get me for this procedure. I was very afraid. I remember going to the operating room with this very dreadful, doomed feeling. I remember getting some good drugs to put me under and when the surgeon came in the room to begin the procedure, he turned on the radio and it was Aerosmith. I suddenly felt calm and I knew everything would be okay!

After I woke up, I was faced with the reality that now I had a central line on the left side of my neck, a perma cath (which is not permanent by the way) on my right side of my neck and an IV in my arm. Not too happy about my "new accessories"!!!

Another procedure done around this time was when they discovered a blood clot in my right arm. I was sent to have a vascular ultrasound to see where it was located. I remember the girl doing the test was around my age and I could see the pity in her eyes she had for me. She began with my left arm which was all normal and then she moved on to my right side. She was taking a really long time looking at the right arm so I knew that this news was not going to be good. I remember asking her if she saw something and she said,"Do you want me to tell you what I see or let the doctors?" Well I knew at that point it must be bad. I think that they started me on heparin for a brief time but due to the HUS and low platelet count I didn't stay on it long. I think the location of the clot itself was not high risk for further problems. Soon I guess the clot eventually dissolved itself.

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