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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As Jill's donor, I felt the need to share my story with those of you that have followed Jill's story thus far. I am Lindsey, obviously Jill's donor. I am a 6th grade literacy teacher in Gosnell. My most important job is being a mother to the three most amazing little girls I have ever known, Adleigh(7), Emerson(3), and Tatum(1). I have been married to the man of my dreams, my high school sweetheart Erick for 10 years. We have just adopted our only 4 legged baby, Lola, an English Bulldog. Yes my hands are full! I will start from the beginning. I met Jill about 12 years ago in my husband's families flower shop. We worked together for a short while. After working together, Jill and I would only see each other when our husbands had a work function. We didn't really keep in contact. About a year and half ago, I found Jill on Facebook and first realized she was sick. We began talking again and I kept up with her story through this blog. Jill is one of those people that I have always naturally felt drawn to. She is the friend that I can go for a long period of time without taking to and then pick up the phone and call and feel as though we have talked every day. I have only met a few of these people in my life. As we began catching up with one another, I began having an overwhelming feeling or nudge that kept me thinking that I should look into possibly donating. I am a very rational person so of course when I kept feeling this, I did everything a normal person would do, I kept ignoring it. However, the notion of giving a kidney to Jill just kept popping up more and more each day. I began doing a little research about kidney donation. During this time, I also began praying. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and rely heavily on my faith to make all decisions. As I continued to push down this idea, God kept revealing to me more and more that this is his plan for me. I am a very spiritual person but consider myself realistic too. I am not a person who walks around saying God led me to do this and do that. There have actually only been two times in my life that I know God has revealed his plan for me amidst my defiance. Once was when knew I would marry my husband, we were very young. And then there is this revelation. It is so extremely hard to explain to people why I am doing this. I have heard just about every questioning excuse as to why I should "think this through". I think the reason it is so hard is because of the shape of this world. We have become a society that is so consumed with ourselves. We are constantly asking ourselves, what's in it for me therefore making it hard to recognize just a true blessing when it's right in front of us. I have one simple answer to those who want to know why I would do this: It's God's will for my life. I am following a commandment...it is that simple. Why Jill? Why NOT Jill? True it may appear that I "barely" know her, but I can assure you, time is not an important factor into this friendship. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Jill. She has a true compassion for everyone she meets and she honestly wants to help expand the kingdom of God. She is an advocate for many different groups in which she wants nothing more than to help. Jill is also a mother and a wife. She deserves the chance to be the mother and wife that she wants to be. She deserves to be free from illness!!! So, this is the WHY. I wish it could be more of a Hollywood story for you but it is what it is. I want to thank each and every one of you that have been praying for my family! This is a family affair and I appreciate the sacrifices they are making so that I may follow through on this journey. Please continue to pray. Jill- you inspire me more than you can ever know. Your determination, faith, and perseverance are impressive!!! Love, Lindsey


  1. Lindsey--I am Alyssa's mom and I know you have probably heard all about Alyssa from Jill. They have become close over the past two years while they shared their stories and misery of this disease. I read your post and couldn't help but remark about the similarities of Alyssa's donor (Jenn)'s story. She is also very strong in her faith and although I know many people questioned her decision and were less than enthusiastic, she very generously affirmed our faith in humanity and donated her kidney to our very ill and fragile daughter. She has two children of her own, the youngest having turned 3 within days of the transplant. She had told me that she is extremely fearful of medical procedures and yet was willing to undergo this surgery--the removal of an organ--to help Alyssa!! She is also very private and uncomfortable exposing herself, even in a medical context, and yet she endured all this for Alyssa. We cannot begin to express our appreciation for people like you and her who truly give of themselves in such an unimaginably huge and selfless way! You are a true HERO and will no doubt be rewarded in so many countless ways for this act. We are so thankful that Jenn came into our lives and our family and we are thankful that you have come back into Jill's. She has become family to us and we are thrilled to add you to ours as well! We hope to be there for the transplant to support you two in any way we can. God Bless!