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Friday, April 1, 2011

In and Out

Some days I wonder if kidneys will ever be included again? Some days everything seems so wrong that the thought of having a kidney seems like a far fetched dream. But my faith is what keeps me hanging on. I don't know how I would feel if I thought there wasn't a chance to have a normal life again. I guess I got the blues today after a scary and sick yesterday.

My blood pressure spiked on me yesterday and despite my efforts, kept climbing until I ended up in the ER at around 6 o'clock. Now everyone knows how I feel about St. Bernard's but I gotta tell ya, they had it together last night. All of this is thanks to a cute little nurse named Heather. She expedited my case! I got in an ER room, labs, chest xray, ct scan, EKG, met with PA, Met with Doc and got meds and back home to my machine by 8:30. It pays to know the ER nurse!!! But seriously, she had everything coordinated so perfectly that after one test, I went straight to another....ruling out another possible brain bleed. The blood pressure was just out of control and I don't know what caused it. A big THANK YOU to Nurse Heather for taking such good care of me. If I had had her all this time, what would I have blogged about?

I was dialyzing by 8:30 and started to get sick around midnight. I started vomiting and it lasted all night. Today I feel like crap but I am recovering okay. I know someday I will have a kidney and life will be normal and back to calm....but today that day seems like light years away.

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