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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last night I was feeling really down, so I called my super pastor Bro. Charlie. He is so nice and easy to talk to. And he makes me feel better about things. In our conversation, he told me about a healing ceremony we will be having at church tonight. We both agreed that this is God's work. How ironic that I am awaiting news regarding the possiblity of cancer and the day before I am to get the news, we are having a healing ceremony. I truly believe this is God's magical and mysterious work. I will be at that heling service and I will be walking through the church doors with lots of faith. I truly believe that whatever is going on in my ovaries will be healed by God. He doesn't want me to suffer anymore. Through my suffering I have learned alot about myself, God and the world. But I also know He wants me to live a happy and pain free life. So, if you are in the need of healing of any kind, bring it tonight to God. We are at St. Paul Methodist Church. Great things will be happening and if you are in need of heling, I invite you to join us.

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