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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sensational for a reason......

I have been so blessed in so many ways over the last 2 and a half years. One area of my life has been through my job. I am celebrating 3 years with Sensational Kids today. They had barely gotten to know me before I got sick. But boy have they been good to me. There are not many places that would let you work 3-4 hours a week. I am so grateful to them. It has been my escape. You see, in all areas of my life, I am the patient, the sick one. At dialysis, the doctor’s visits, transplant stuff....I am the patient. In my family, I am the sick one. At church, I am the one on the prayer list. At Madeline's school, I am the sick mommy. All areas of my life I am the sick one except at work. At work I get to be Jill the occupational therapist. I get to be the one helping others. And even though I only get to do it a few hours a week and some weeks not at all because I am sick, it is an outlet. It makes me feel like I am still needed in the world. Of course my family needs me, but this is a place I can call my own and put my talents to use. I just wanted everyone at Sensational Kids how grateful I am to them and how excited I am to be getting the opportunity to come back strong in the fall! My fellow co workers are truly Sensational......but also very patient, kind and understanding. I am so appreciative to you all! So don’t forget me over the summer. I'm gonna get that kidney and come back in the fall and be the best OT I can be!!!!! xoxo to you all!

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