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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates for end of April

We are getting closer and closer every day. Got my last (hopefully) meningitis vaccine yesterday. So I should be good to go in that area. Talked with my BCBS Health Insurance Coordinator yesterday and she told me about this amazing program called Pilots For Christ. They have a chapter in Paragould and they fly patients all over the country for various reasons for free. So, I gave them a call and it looks like Lindsey and I will be flying home from Iowa! That is pretty cool. God has provided so much for us throughout this journey.

I am working on getting accommodations for my family (me and Chris) and her family (Lindsey and Erick) and a place to stay while in Iowa. This has proven to be a daunting task. Who knew there is a Scholarly Writers Conference in Iowa at the University at the same time we are scheduled to be there. There are no guesthouses, Bed and Breakfast or reasonable hotels for extended stay available. And of course, nobody from the hospital can help me find anything. Looks like we will be staying 30 miles away from the hospital, but my peeps gotta have a room. I know where my bed will be for the majority of the time, but Chris, Erick, my mom and Lindsey eventually have got to have a nice place to stay. Yesterday was very stressful working on this but I think I have it figured out.

Please continue to pray for both families involved. It is very funny because at work we talk about "how our engines run". For example, I tend to feel like I have a super high strung engine that’s always running and Lindsey to me, has a calm smooth running engine. Our personalities mesh so beautifully. She is my calm during the storms.....

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