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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Normal, I think not!

So today has been wacky. It started off good. I got ready and went to work after dropping Madeline off at school and had 3 patients to see. By the middle of my second patient, I could feel my blood pressure spiking. And it would do me no good to take my meds at work because I would be curled up in the corner taking a nap before I knew it. So I left after my second patient to come home and rest. Madeline had a doctors appointment this afternoon and we have already rescheduled a million times so I was determined to make this appointment. I don't know if you can tell by the pic of me with the bike but I have about 15 extra pounds, Some fluid, some fat on me. I have got to drop this weight. By the time we left the Children's Clinic, my feet felt like two lead bricks and my legs ached so bad. I am in definite fluid overload and need to get this fluid off soon. Red bags will be here tomorrow!!!

So I came home and did a manual exchange. These are the dialysis exchanges I do sometimes during the day if I am feeling particularly yucky....like today. And as you can see the first bag was red!!!! Definitely not the normal, clear urine color is suppose to be? I called my PD clinic and they said it could be early stages of peritonitis or a ruptured cyst. I have been on PD for over two years now and NEVER gotten peritonitis, which is a bad infection of the peritoneal cavity where I do my dialysis. This could be bad. And if it is not that, then where did this cyst come from? Either way something not normal is going on. I did a second exchange and it wasn't as dark red....more a pink lemonade color. I had to post pics because in my two years of PD, I have never seen anything like this before. Hopefully it's nothing to be too concerned about.....but you never know.

As of now, I have no abdominal pain, except from vomiting a few minutes ago but that's nothing new! Oh pray peritonitis stays away from me! I am so close to transplant!

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