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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only Receipients Will Understand

Do you remember that song from the 90's, "How do you talk to an angel?" Well, my question is, How do you thank an angel? Only other transplant recipients will truly understand this question, but how do you thank your donor enough? My donor, for example, doesn't expect a thing from me. She has told me I don’t have to tell her constantly how much I appreciate her because she knows how grateful I am. But I feel this "burden" for lack of better words to let her and the world know how wonderful and magnificent her gift to me is. I don’t want to lay my head down at night until I know Lindsey knows how special she is. So how do we as recipients of the greatest gift of all, life, ever feel like we said thank you enough? I wish I was Oprah rich and I could send her kids to college and by her a huge house and send her family on lavish vacations as a way of saying thank you. But I am not Oprah rich and knowing my donor, she wouldn't accept any of that. She is the most humble and down to earth person I have ever met. I wish you all could know her...for you would be blessed just by her friendship. So no matter how many hugs, thank yous and sweet notes I write to her, I will never feel like I've done enough. But she doesn’t expect anything in return. She blows my mind. So to all my other recipient friends out there, how have you handled this? This, I might add, is the most wonderful "burden" to have. I am so grateful and cannot wait till June 23rd! Oh how I am thankful for Lindsey!!!!

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