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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The heroes of my Neighborhood

There are so many people I need to thank for their help in taking care of Madeline for me. In our case, it definitely takes a village!!

To Shannon: Thank you for always being there in a pinch, taking and picking Madeline up from school and letting her come over when I am sick so she doesn't have to be around a sick mama. I will forever be grateful and Love you!

To Teresa: You are always willing to step in and take Madeline home to feed her or give her a bath for us. Sometimes feel like we abuse you but you are always so cheerful and upbeat and we appreciate you helping us.....we especially love your home cooked meals....aka DUMPLINGS!!!!!

To Mrinda: You already have a houseful of children but you are always so willing to help me out too! You are so sweet to help me with Madeline when I need someone to watch her. You are the best!

To Shelby S- Thank you fro volunteering to watch Madeline while I am at transplant and thank you for picking hr up from school for me when I am in a bind! xoxo

To Kelly G- Thank you for helping me with Madeline over spring break and our upcoming transplant. Knowing she will be in good hands helps ease my worry....a little bit. But even though I am having major surgery, I am sure I will call y'all everyday. Thank you for treating her like one of your own and doing special things with her.

Matt and Kasey- Thank you for babysitting Mad for us so Chris and I can actually have a (semi-normal) night out. She loves you both so much and I know you guys love her too!

To Ms Amy and Ms Shelly: Thank you for allowing us to come late everyday due to my dialysis. And extra thank you to Ms Shelly for helping me get Mad out of the car on the mornings I am very sick. You two rock!!!

GiGi- A million thank yous for coming over at the last minute because I have puked all night or am too sick too take care of myself or anyone else for that matter. You always try to rearrange your schedule and I greatly appreciate all you do. I know you have a lot to juggle right now, but you are doing a pretty awesome job at it!

Chris- Thank you for EVERYTHING! Form working a hard job and then coming home to take care of me and Madeline. Someday soon our lives will be normal and average and I promise I will pull my own weight.

Thank you all!! We love you and appreciate you very, very much!!!!

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